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All the Things I Ever Wanted You to Know

10 September
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joe: he's just a guy.

he's a college student. he's spoiled. he's jaded. he's from south king county. he's from los angeles. he lives in seattle. he's german. he's scandanavian. he's an american. he's happy. he's depressed. he's a virgo. he's a drama major. he's skinny. he's tall. he's confused. he's a bitch. he's nice. he's a carrie. he's gay. he's ordinary. he's special. he's forgetable. he's the oldest of three. he's funny. he's awkward. he's outgoing. he's quiet. he's fit. he's out of shape. he's original. he follows the crowd. he's good people. he's loving. he's honest. he's harsh. he's lucky. he's anxious. he's 22 years old. he's a waiter. he's open minded. he's talented. he's artistic. he's a democrat. he's rural. he's urban. he's practical. he's nervous. he's sheltered. he went to public school. he's sexually active. he's white. he's just taking up space. he's humble. he's sucessful. he's a failure. he's a vegetarian. he's lazy. he's busy. he's a nightowl. he's bored. he blends in. he's upper middle class. he'a a nerd. he's crazy. he's well grounded. he's sensable. he has a poor memory. he's a mess. he's got it together. he's alive. he's complicated. he's simple. he's worth talking to. he's a man. he's a boy.

he's just a guy.