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well okay, i'm all done.  and life feels pretty good right now.  it felt like the day after christmas for a while, now i just can't believe i went throught the whole thing.  sometimes the last 4 years feel like such a blur.  i am so in love right now too.  jacob makes me so happy every day.  i am on really good terms with my whole family right now, and tim just graduated from high schoo.  all of them are on a cruise in the carribean now, i wish i was with them but i have new york to look forward to in just a few days.  i have been working a lot lately, more so than i ever have before.  well, thats my life.  not much too it these days.

also, i don't know how much longer this old livejournal will be around.  sadly, i am outgrowing it, and i can only be JOECOLLEGE for only so much longer.
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i should have been doing homework tonight, but for the last several hours i have been reading my livejournal... the early years. DAMN. it's amazing how much i have changed over the last FEW years. at this point i don't really feel all that grown up, but looking back at how i used to think, and the experiences and people i used to value, i really am. there is so much that i am living with right now that seemed so scary just 2 years ago, now it's just a part of my life. really weird, college is really weird.  things like boyfriend, graduation, los angeles, jobs, adulthood; they are all here now, and right in my stupid face, and i actually like it.  i'm really here, i really made it this far.  i'm really here.  after all the heartbreaks and failed midterms, i'm still here.  my childhood is really over.  my stupid college pre-21 years are really over.  and in a month, college will be over too.  joecollege will be something from the past.  wow.  sometimes i wish i could just be 20 years old forever, there is a part of me that really really wants it back; i just wish i could live like that forever, in that amzing place between my irresponsible youth and my self righteous adluthood.  and as hard as it was sometimes, it was a time that really opened me up to the values of both immaturity and adulthood; but that's the past, yet it still feels like a huge of my present.  and future...  well here goes nuthin.

okay, goodnight.

ps...  ashley church, i really miss you, and want to hang out soon.
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so just had the best weekend ever. a wekend road trip to canada to see and potentailly meet franz fredinand... i'm so there.

we found a really hip/cheap/gross/hip hotel downtown, and started exploring the city on friday.  that night we went to the show, which was awesome, and pulled a fast one on the security gaurds with our expired backstage passes.  we wound up in FF's greenroom and had some beer and food with the bands.  it was pretty cool, awkward at times, but cool.

day2:  really good upscale shopping, sans buying, where i dicovered the greatest store ever: CABAN.  go there next you are in canada.  do it.  then we hit up the thrift stores.  hella spend money, and glad i did.
then we met up with chelsea's friend mikey, who bought a panda mask, and gave a grand tour of the city... in the mask.


then after an hour at an 'aight late twenty somethings rocker party, we headed to the crackhead part of town, and walked into a really hip, really quite bar.  and who was there just sitting at the bar?  miss daryl hannah.  and who had a cigarette with her and some bitches from her entourage ?  me.  it was pretty cool, i had a smoke with daryl hannah.

so needless to say, i love vancouver, and had a great trip.  and i needed it.

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so i'm realy pissed off right now. last night at work i found out that i have been accused of stealing cash from the restaraunt. i feel this goes without saying; but this is completely untrue, and i am in fact baffled as to where these rumors began. so now my co-workers think i've stolen from the tip pool, and thus, their paychecks; and my managers think i'm a thief. this is SO unfair, now i have to go on the defense in the name of saving face, all the while dealing with people who no longer respect me like they used to. i've liked that job for as long as i have had it, but now things feel so different.

also, i've been accused of having a hissy in the back room on saturday night. this also, never happen, nor do i even know what it could be in reference to.

forgive me for quoting a stupid movie, but i feel like i've been taking crazy pills.

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so spring quarter, and thus, spring, is finally here.

this quarter should be pretty easy, which it is nice- as it will be my last. let me repeat that... THIS IS MY LAST QUARTER OF COLLEGE. i really can't believe that it's already here. i'm not going to say how nostalgic i'm getting, or how it "went by so fast," because it didn't. i've worked really hard, experienced devastating failures and gotten through things that seemed utterly impossible. there were moments, at least one per quarter (ask any roommate i've ever had) where i thought i wasn't going to make it. college has been such a great challenge, and not just academically. i am really proud to say that i've made it through all the hard parts, surprised myself in many ways, had some amazing times, and learned a lot about myself and life in the process. but here i am. my last quarter of senior year, nothing left to do but coast to the light at the end of this long and horrendous academic tunnel.

and if anyone at UW still reads this, you should hit me up this quarter, as this is the last time i am likely to see most of you. and i have a break everyday from 1230 to 230, and i need something to do. if you don't call me i'll be stuck laying in the quad with jake.

and life still continues to treat me really well. things are great at work, great with jacob. we went to portland and his AMAZING cabin in southern oregon over spring break. i don't really feel that it's appropriot to gush about about my boyfriend on livejournal, because nobody wants to hear it- nobody hates happy people in relationships more than me- but he makes me really happy, we can leave it at that.

i guess that's it. -joe
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